Past Projects Results

 GRDC Soils Extension Northern Pulse Check
Improved Rhizobial Strains  
 Acid Tolerant Rhizobia Technology and Tools Smart Soil Sensors 
 Managing Subsoil Acidity Novel Soil Ameliorants Pakistani Farmer Exchange 
 Regional Weather and Climate Guides Harvest Weed Seed Control Nitrogen Timing 
 Canola Pests  Strategic Tillage  Crop Competition for Weed Control
Summer Weed Control  Regional Soil Testing Guidelines for Southern Australia 

Profitable Break Crop Management 

FarmLink/St Anne's Ag Elective Program 

Evaluating Break Crops

Reducing P Rates 
Grain and Graze (2004-2008) 
Herbicide Efficacy in No-Till  Disc vs Tyne  Sclerotinia Project 2015
Early Sowing 2013-16  Water Use Efficiency Yield Prophet 
Climate Change and Adaptability  Moisture Knowledge Network

Water Use Efficiency

Yield Profit Report Yield Profit Report (157 KB)

Canola Yield Decline

FarmLink has been involved in a number of collaborative projects investigating canola yield decline in southern NSW since 2003.

Canola Plus (disease management) - 2003 -2005

Canola Survey and Modelling - 2003 to 2005

Canola in depth (impact of subsoil constraints) - 2007 to 2009