Past Projects Results

Summer Weed Control    

Profitable Break Crop Management  

FarmLink/St Anne's Ag Elective Program 

Evaluating Break Crops

Reducing P Rates 
Grain and Graze (2004-2008) 
Grain and Graze II
Herbicide Efficacy in No-Till  Disc vs Tyne  Sclerotinia Project 2015
Early Sowing 2013-16 Water Use Efficiency Yield Prophet
Profitable and Sustainable Sheep 
Production in Mixed Farming 2015-16
Climate Change and Adaptability Moisture Knowledge Network

Water Use Efficiency

Yield Profit Report Yield Profit Report (157 KB)

Canola Yield Decline

FarmLink has been involved in a number of collaborative projects investigating canola yield decline in southern NSW since 2003.

Canola Plus (disease management) - 2003 -2005

Canola Survey and Modelling - 2003 to 2005

Canola in depth (impact of subsoil constraints) - 2007 to 2009