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FarmLink is made up of growers, advisers and researchers in southern NSW. FarmLink gives growers the power to influence research priorities and be actively involved in the research process.

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Hutcheon and Pearce has a long history serving Southern NSW farmers and its partnership with FarmLink is a further sign of the commitment to agriculture and its people

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Making Sprays Work

Rebounding from one of the wettest winters for some time, Southern NSW farmers will be spending much of their time, money and energy controlling summer weeds, As a part of the GRDC Stubble Initiative, FarmLink is gathering a selection of the best in their field and hosting a Making Sprays Work demo day at TAIC on Thursday, February 16 featuring Craig Day of Spray Safe and Save.

Pasture pre-season workshop

Are you planning to sow new pastures this year? Do you need some more information on some of the newer pasture species? Do you want to know what you can do to renovate existing pastures? Are you thinking about using specialist forage/fodder crop options? If you answered yes to any of these questions then head on down to the pasture pre-season workshops where you can have these and other questions answered.

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