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FarmLink is made up of growers, advisers and researchers in southern NSW. FarmLink gives growers the power to influence research priorities and be actively involved in the research process and is currently investing over $2 million in agricultural research in your local community.

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Hutcheon and Pearce has a long history serving Southern NSW farmers and its partnership with FarmLink is a further sign of the commitment to agriculture and its people

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FarmLink 2021 Season Preview

What will season 2021 hold for growers and producers? Come along to the TAIC on Tuesday, March 9, when FarmLink presents a comprehensive 2021 season preview, as well as an overview of some of the research outcomes from 2020.

Learn about Precision Agriculture

FarmLink is partnering with GRDC, SPAA and other grower groups to deliver a national program of hands-on precision ag training. This training will introduce/growers and advisors to PA as a tool to cost effectively inform and respond to key farm management or input decisions.

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