Temora Agricultural Innovation Centre

In 2011, FarmLink Research commenced management of the landmark Temora Research Station where many significant trials over the years produced a wide range of wheat and oat varieties being bred on site.
The current management arrangement is a joint venture between Temora Shire Council and FarmLink Research.  In September 2012, the Station celebrated its 100th Anniversary, marked by the Governor General of Australia, Quentin Bryce where the Station was re-named the Temora Agricultural Innovation Centre (TAIC). The vision for the facility is one of a respected Centre of Excellence for Mixed Farming Research and Development.  It is currently hosting 24 Research and Development organisations.
In 2012, there were over 14,000 trial plots on-site relating to cereal, canola and pasture varieties, nutrition, disease, weeds, carbon, growth regulants, farming systems, trace elements, time of sowing and water use efficiency.
TAIC also provides numerous activities throughout the year such as FarmLink Annual Open Day, University Crop Competition, Field Days, Crop Walks, training days and seminars in the unique conference facilities on offer at the centre.