Research Report

The highly anticipated publication of the annual FarmLink Research Report occurs in March each year, with a printed copy distributed to members as soon as it is released.
The report is a summary of the year's research, compiling reports from researchers detailing analysis of the full suite of FarmLink projects conducted throughout the region and beyond, and providing essential research and outcomes to relevant on-farm operations.
Past Research Reports are archived below for future reference, no sooner than two months after publication.
If you would like to access the FarmLink annual Research Report as soon as it is available, as well as take advantage of additional FarmLink member benefits, please contact the office on (02) 6980 1333.

Archived Research Reports

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Research Report 2016 Research Report 2016 (5964 KB)

Research Report 2017 Research Report 2017 (6811 KB)

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 Emerging Weeds Issues
Whole Farm Water Use Efficiency 
Grain & Graze 2 - Perennial Shrubs 

Research Report 2015 Research Report 2015 (6301 KB)

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Research Report 2014 Research Report 2014 (8915 KB)

Disc vs Tyne