Canola Pests

Managing Early Season Canola Establishment Pests in NSW – Establishment and Co-ordination of Grower/Advisor Groups

Project Partners: GRDC, FarmLink, Bowden Rural Services
Project Code: FLR1810-001SAX
Project Duration: 2018-2020
Project Location: FarmLink Region


Early identification and control of insect pest has been identified as a key constraint to the successful crop establishment of canola in southern NSW in the GRDC Northern Region. A wide range of early season insects have the potential to affect the establishment and early growth of canola. These insects include wireworms, slugs, snails, red legged earth mites, aphids, earwigs, Lucerne flea, Rutherglen bug and slaters. Therefore - understanding, identifying and managing these insect pests is critical to establishing a successful canola crop.
Improving grower and adviser knowledge of key pests, pest identification, monitoring methods, pest population dynamic, pest lifecycle/ecology/biology, off season hosts/green bridges, environmental/seasonal population drivers, damage symptoms, economic threshold, farming system impacts, chemical and cultural control options, and other factors will lead to better management of these pests and reduce the incidence of poor canola establishment of canola in southern New South Wales.
By December 2018 a best management guide or similar will be completed to increase the awareness, understanding and management of early season pest in canola in Central and Southern NSW.
FarmLink will provide practical agronomy advice on all the BMP guides and presentation materials done by CESAR



September 6, 2019 - Since its introduction in the early 2000s, grazing canola has been widely adopted to provide valuable additional feed in mixed farming operations. Despite great success in stock growth rates and turnoff of finished sheep and cattle, there have also been some difficulties with stock health. This meeting has been organised in an effort to understand the problems further, and through discussion and sharing of
experiences, arrive at a “best bet” checklist of methods to diminish these health risks in the future.
> Download the flyer Animal Health Issues of Grazing Canola
September 6, 2019
> Gain the latest insights on green peach aphid management in canola,
including identification, monitoring and resistance management, and the
latest on aphid parasitoid wasp research in grains.
> Hosted by RMCG, join speakers Dr Jessica Lye (cesar), Julia Severi (cesar), Samantha Ward (University of Melbourne) and Phil Bowden (AOF and FarmLink) in this interactive and practical session.
>> Download the flyer Canola Insect Webinar
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To address the management of early season canola pests, a roadshow of workshops will be conducted across NSW throughout February-March 2019, to present the latest research and current information on early season pest management. Click on the image to download the flyer >>>

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