Stripper Front Project

Impact of Stripper Header Fronts and Straw Length on Soil Evaporation and Fallow Efficiency

Project Partners: GRDC, FarmLink, Grassroots Agronomy, CSIRO
Project Code: FLR2012-003RTX
Project Duration: 2020-2022


This two-year GRDC funded project aims to measure the impact that various forms of stubble architecture have on the capture, maintenance and storage of soil moisture (fallow efficiency dynamics). It will provide growers with key crop establishment, development and yield metrics to make decisions regarding the incorporation of stripper fronts in the farming system. Four paddock-scale replicated trials will allow fallow efficiency comparisons to be made between stripper front and conventional front header stubbles, relating to stubble height and load impact on grain production and farmer profitability.
The project is also focusing on the cereal component of the cropping sequence, monitoring changes in canopy temperature, and the impact of weeds, disease, insects or rodents on subsequent crops.

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