Smart Soil Sensors

Smart Soil Sensors (Soil CRC)

Funding: Soil CRC (Program 2: Soil performance metrics)
Project Partners: University of Tasmania (lead), University of Southern Qld, Federation University, Landmark, farming system groups = Burdekin Productivity Services, Southern Farming Systems, FarmLink, Riverine Plains, Birchip Cropping Group
Project Duration: Until end 2021
Project Location: FarmLink Region


This project will develop the next generation of field based sensors that can measure, map, interpret, and communicate sensor data using new approaches that meet growers need for information in order to make on-farm decisions. The technical outcomes of the project will be headed up by three universities, with farming system groups only playing a small role in identifying grower participants and communications.
The ‘Smart’ Shovel: This sub-project aims to build a portable soil probe that will measure soil moisture, and salinity, with data mapped and visualized through smart phones whilst in the paddock.
Below Ground Sensor Data Transmission: This project will develop technologies to transmit data through soil so sensors can be buried without the risk of disturbance by animals and machinery.
Self-learning moisture sensors: Algorithms will be developed that use existing soil moisture sensors to learn soil properties needed for use with models such as APSIM & Yield Profit, and enable growers to relate moisture content to crop stress.


Research Report 2019 - Smart Soil Sensors Research Report 2019 - Smart Soil Sensors (3994 KB)

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