Precision Ag Training

Hands-on Precision Agriculture Training for Growers

Project Partners: FarmLink, SPAA, BCG, GGA, Rural Directions, Jeff Coutts
Project Code: SPA2001-001 SAX
Project Duration: 2020-2021


This national project funded by GRDC will be led by the Society for Precision Agriculture Australia (SPAA) with support from Birchip Cropping Group, FarmLink, Rural Directions and the Grower Group Alliance (GGA). The design, delivery and evaluation services will be provided by Coutts J&A, one of Australia’s leading agricultural research and evaluation organisations. A range of sub-contracted organisations will provide specialist technical support on a regional, as-needs basis.
The purpose of this investment is to provide grain growers with introductory precision agriculture training – to enable them to make use of PA equipment and data to respond to key farm management or resource input decisions; to improve the speed and accuracy of decision making; reduce production costs; and increase farm profitability.
A total of 27 workshops will be held across the three GRDC regions in the first year of the project, with a further 27 workshops the following year, however timing will be considered based on topics. FarmLink will coordinate nine workshops with local facilitators ensuring the training is relevant to local growers.


Workshop schedule - 

Location  Date  Facilitator 
 Junee   February 23, 2021   Matt Kelly 
 Griffith  February 25, 2021  Anthony Rudd
 Forbes  March 2, 2021   Matt Kelly
 Warren  March 4, 2021   Tim Neale
 Emerald/Springsure  March 9, 2021   Matt Kelly
 Macalister/Jimbour  March 11, 2021  Tim Neale
 Gunnedah  March 16, 2021   Tim Neale
 Walgett  March 17, 2021  Tim Neale
 Croppa Creek  March 18, 2021  Tim Neale

For more information or to register your interest, contact Matt Kelly on 0407 968 081 or

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