Herbicide Efficacy in No Till

Herbicide Efficacy in no-till stubble retention systems

A joint project funded by GRDC and overseen by Grassroots Agronomy, FarmLink Research Limited, Bayer, Syngenta and Nufarm.  A range of herbicide and herbicide mixes were evaluated under disc and tyne sowing systems to determine the efficacy of the herbicides.  Three sites at Grenfell, Wagga Wagga and Lockhart were established.  Pre-emergent herbicides were applied in a replicated random block design and disc and tyne seeders sowed over sections of each herbicide treatment.

Measurements were recorded on establishment, dry matter, weed control, crop vigour and yield for each herbicide by each seeding system.


Herbicide Efficacy in No-Till Herbicide Efficacy in No-Till (17509 KB)

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