Harvest Weed Seed Control

Harvest Weed Seed Control for the Southern Region

Project Partners: FarmLink, Southern Farming Systems, GRDC
Project Code: SFS00032


The project looks at a range of different harvest weed seed capture and pre-sowing stubble management practices. Capturing weed seed at harvest is becoming an increasing valuable tool in the fight against weed management and weed resistance management.
Growers have been capturing and burning weed seed in windrows via custom made chaff chutes in canola and lupins for a few years now, but new research is aimed at looking for viable weed seed reduction options for cereal crops as well. SFS (Southern Farming Systems lead agency), AHRI (Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative) along with FarmLink, Riverine Plains and MacKillop Farm Management Group have been tasked with implementing innovative trials aimed at delivering key herbicide resistance management messages to growers, agronomists and consultants to facilitate adoption of weed management tools and encourage crop sustainability.

The projects trial design utilizes small plot and farm scale trials. The small plot trials will be three-way factorial randomized block design to give rigorous scientific data on weed seed collection rates for a range of crop phenology and harvest heights. The on farm trials will be paddock long strips one header width wide for each treatment. The design will utilize modern precision agriculture (PA) techniques such as yield monitor data, NDVI imagery and photo examination for data collection to provide statistical data for analysis. PA analysis
will be done on data generated from the treatment strips. Trials will be established, where possible, in paddocks with historical yield and soil information to further enhance the analysis.
FarmLink is conducting one of the on farm trials which was initiated prior to harvest in 2015. The trial site is located at Greenethorpe in NSW. There are 3 treatments x 4 replications which are in place at the trial site.
1. Blanket burn harvested as high as possible
2. Weed seed mill harvested at 15cm high
3. Windrow burn harvested at 15cm high


2015 FL Research Report - Harvest Weed Seed Control 2015 FL Research Report - Harvest Weed Seed Control (254 KB)


Harvest 2016 Demonstration video


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