Evaluating Break Crops

Investigates the economic and agronomic benefits of local break crops

This is an eastern Australian GRDC funded project to determine the economic and agronomic benefits of a range of break crops and pastures beginning in 2011.

Four key research questions are being addressed: 

  1. Can a brassica or legume break crop be as profitable as a cereal in its own right?
  2. Are there trade-offs between different break crop options and end-uses?  
  3. Do the rotational benefits of break crops improve the profitability of subsequent cereal crops? 
  4. Can resistant ryegrass be managed cost-effectively under break crops?

Project Team – CSIRO, FarmLink Research Limited, I&I NSW, Project Steering Committees.

Locations – Central West, South West Slopes, Riverine Plains, Victorian Mallee.

Description – Small plot trial work and farmer demonstration sites investigating the economic and agronomic benefits of local break crops. Farmer driven project steering committees at each location will identify local research priorities relevant to that region. Common issues across regions will be identified and research plans implemented.

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