Climate Services for Ag

Climate Services for Agriculture Project Management

Project Partners: Bureau of Meterology, CSIRO, FarmLink
Project Funder: The project is funded by the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund
Project Code: 169-2020-21
Project Duration: 2021-2022
Project Location: National


FarmLink has been engaged to conduct the stakeholder engagement component of the Climate Services for Agriculture program – one of the foundational programs under the Future Drought Fund.
The Australian Government is investing $10 million through the program to help farm businesses anticipate and plan for the impacts of a variable and changing climate.
CSIRO and BOM will deliver regional-scale climate projections across Australia, through a user-friendly, fit-for purpose digital platform.
FarmLink is assisting the BOM and CSIRO project team by engaging farmers, producers and farm business advisers in the pilot regions to assist with the co-design of the platform and climate information products. A prototype of the platform has been developed and the new platform will be live from June 2022.
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 Condamine and the Northern Tablelands
Western Australia Wheat-Sheep Belt

Watch a recording of the webinar  Watch a recording of the webinar
Victoria Mallee and SE South Australia North Queensland Dry Tropics 
 Watch a recording of the webinar Watch a recording of the webinar

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