May 27

Precision Agriculture - 2013 Satellite Imagery Offer

Posted by Cindy Cassidy at Monday, May 27, 2013

A great way to better understand what is happening with your crops is through satellite imagery of your property.

Precision Agriculture have a great offer on at the moment, satellite imagery could help you:

  • Monitor crop development through a series of three crop biomass maps, 5m pixel satellite imagery

  • Near real-time maps for rapid detection of disease, nutrition, moisture stress and pests

  • Monitor crop growth rates at critical stages to assist nitrogen decisions

  • Monitor on-farm trials, especially nitrogen rich strips

  • Analyse against final yield maps learn more about agronomy of future cropping plans

  • Use as crop scouting guide for soil and tissue testing

1. Visit Precision Agriculture  to register which paddocks you want by 5th July 2013, or call Andrew Whitlock (0458 312 589) to discuss.
2. Precision Ag creates crop biomass and growth rate maps for your specified paddocks.
3. You receive satellite imagery as an electronic pdf per paddock.
4. Data can also be made available as hard copy A3 prints ($300/farm) or in a digital format you nominate to suit your mapping software ($150/farm).

Disclaimer: This offer will only be sustained if we receive enough confirmed orders by5th July 2013.
$1/ha +GST (SQP Cooperative Members). Minimum order $250 +GST. Available for all farmers within South West Victoria. Discounts will be given should cloud cover reduce our ability to capture three images at desired times