Apr 26

Lisa Anderson at the helm of FarmLink Board

Posted by Cindy Cassidy at Thursday, April 26, 2018

Reflecting on and looking forward to ongoing change, growth and innovation was a strong theme coming out of FarmLink’s Annual General Meeting held at Temora Agricultural Innovation Centre (TAIC) on Monday, March 19.
Retiring Chair of the Board, Darryl Harper reflected on the results of 2017, which included a profit of $126,529 and the ongoing implementation of good governance and processes.
“FarmLink is also continuing to build and manage beneficial relationships with stakeholders. We are entering a new phase with a new partnership with Hutcheon and Pearce which will take us down the path of precision agriculture, disc seeding, minimum till and controlled traffic farming, which we see as a new opportunity for FarmLink and TAIC,” Mr Harper.
“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Donald Coddington and sons for their excellent work in the past at TAIC and wish them well in the future.”
Mr Harper went on to explain that with the new Hutcheon and Pearce partnership, FarmLink had assembled a group of farmers on a steering committee to assist in the transition to using the new machinery, technology and farming system, which will assist in working through any teething problems which may be encountered.
He went on to thank the FarmLink staff and CEO Cindy Cassidy. “It has made my role as chair so much easier and less stressful by having an excellent CEO and staff,” Mr Harper said.
He also thanked the volunteer board members for their commitment and professionalism.
The AGM brought with it a change of personnel on the FarmLink Board of Directors.
Lisa Anderson was appointed the new Chair of the Board, while vacancies left by the retirement of both Mr Harper and Robert Patterson will be filled by new board members Jenny Thompson and John Stevenson. Rob McColl will continue in the Deputy Chairman role, with continuing board members including Ron Heinrich, Bernard Hart and Michael Sinclair.
Incoming Chair Lisa Anderson then presented the 2017 Annual Financial Report on behalf of Ron Heinrich, Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee (A and R) and noted her thanks to him for his expertise in that role. She also noted the contribution of Mr Patterson as a member of the A and R committee who was passionate about financials and had great attention to detail.
FarmLink has delivered another operating surplus and has built up good equity over the past four years. The governance and financial position of FarmLink is sound. Mrs Anderson noted FarmLink is going into 2018 forecasting a loss, but hopeful that projects picked up during the year will offset this. Irrespective, the business can withstand a loss if incurred.
Mrs Anderson also announced the appointment of a new Senior Agronomist, Eva Moffitt, who will start work with FarmLink in April. She too thanked staff for their contribution.
CEO Cindy Cassidy presented the 2017 Research Report, an annual summary of research carried out during the past 12 months which will now be distributed to members.
Mrs Anderson also had the task of presenting a gift of appreciation to Mr Harper for his contributions to the board, particularly in his role as chair and the time and efforts he dedicated to the job. In doing so she also thanked Darryl’s wife, Christina, for supporting Darryl and FarmLink.


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