Nov 12

Destination Canada

Posted by Kylie Dunstan at Monday, November 12, 2018


Yes, you read it right - FarmLink wants to host a tour to Canada, led by CSIRO’s Dr John Kirkegaard, in July next year – with at least 10 people already indicating they are keen to come on board.
So what’s the plan? We’re looking into visiting ...
• Calgary Stampede (optional)
• Agri-food Canada - Lethbridge, Alberta
• Research Station Visit, Grower Visit – Lethbridge, Alberta
• Swift Current Visit Station – Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
• Farm tours with Collin Rosengren at Weyburn, Saskatchewan and Derek Axten at Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Visit Redvers.
• Flexxifinger - Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
• Ag In Motion Expo - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
A focus of the tour will include intercropping and multi-species production. The tour will visit farmers in Saskatchewan who are adopting intercropping systems as a way to improve yields and revenue over monocropping. One of the farms to be visited on the tour is that of Derek and Tannis Axten who were named the 2017 Outstanding Young Farmers for the Saskatchewan region. In 2009, the Axtens ended up with an intercrop by accident after seeding lentils into brown mustard stubble on 640 acres. This resulted in an unintended intercrop – and good harvest yields from both crops. This success started the Axtens down the road of intercropping, which they have now implemented on most of their farm.
The FarmLink tour to Canada will see travelers depart Australia around July 5, 2019 returning July 18. Tour price per person will be approximately $8000 (twin share), including the Calgary Stampede, plus optional add-ons such as the Rocky Mountaineer Train Tour. The final figure is expected to reduce and travelers are urged to check the tax deductibility status of this work-related trip with their accountant.
Obviously there is quite a bit of planning for this trip, so we need to know if you are interested by January 31, 2019.
> Tell us you’re keen for Canada via an email to or call the office on 6980 1333.


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