Northern Pulse Check - South East NSW

Corowa has been selected as one of three GRDC Northern Pulse Check Group locations for the South East NSW region, with Riverine Plains engaged to facilitate the group.
The first event was held at Rand on October 26, 2018
 A series of guest speakers were gathered for the first event of 2019 at Rand on March 14  
 Next up is a meeting on June 18, spread across two sites, Kincora and Avondale  
Riverine Plains is starting 2020 with a pulse check meeting on March 19  
Temora is the third location for the GRDC Northern Pulse Check Groups in the South East NSW region, with FarmLink facilitating the group.  
 After launching at the FarmLink Open Day in September 2018, a follow-up event was held at Marrar on December 17, 2018.
 The GRDC Northern Pulse check launches into 2019 with a Pre-Season Breakfast at the Fox Family Farm in Marrar on March 11
 Methul was the venue for the Pulse Crops Field Day on September 25   
 2020 pre-season discussions will be held in Marrar on March 25