Open Day 2016

The challenge of season 2016 also applied to the FarmLink Annual Open Day, with heavy rain leaving paddocks inaccessible and oilskins and gumboots dominating the day. Thanks to the extensive facilites at Temora Agricultural Innovation Centre, the day went ahead as programmed, although excluding the paddock walks.
Over 250 participants enjoyed the day, enjoying the opportunity to choose a theme for the morning session, and then a different one for the afternoon.
The opportunity to network with fellow farmers over lunch and afternoon cut-out was also a highlight of the event.
Click on the 2016 themes below to access presentations from the day
WHEAT - Agronomic Innovations in Wheat CANOLA - Overcoming Production Barriers  SOILS - Managing Moisture and Nitrogen 
LIVESTOCK - Profitable and Sustainable Production  DRONES - Applying Drones in Agriculture  LADIES AGRONOMY TOUR - a return of last year's popular theme